The Goods in Need Program- Providing Household Appliances to affected Households

Campaign: XPATRIA Emergency Relief Fund

Project: The Goods in Needs Program 

Funding: USD 25,000 Funded

Nusaned focuses on providing the basic human right of shelter with basic appliances so that families can live in a place that protects their health, nurtures their wellbeing and fosters an environment of security, stability and opportunity for self-development and economic growth.

The Good in Need Project was able to provide 130 Appliances to:

57 Households

199 Family Members

Household Criteria Selection

  • 82% of the Households were damaged by the blast.
  • 21% of the Households were Female-Headed households.
  • 37% of the Households have one or more family members suffering from chronic disease.
  • The rate of unemployment in Households is 63%.



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