CHF 10 335 of CHF 10 000 raised
CHF 2 932 of CHF 50 000 raised
CHF 1 606 of CHF 5 000 raised

Ajialouna’s 2023 Ramadan Campaign is all about giving back love and kindness to our community during this Holy month. This year, similar to all the previous years …

CHF 2 932 of CHF 50 000 raised

S.O.S is a social empowerment program aiming at putting a halt to the fast deterioration of the Lebanese educational sector. The program will focus on reversing skyrocketing illiteracy and dropout rates among students. It also aims to reverse the decrease in student retention rates at schools.

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BRING JOY TO LEBANESE FAMILIES THIS YEAR. XPATRIA is committed to SPRINKLING a little Christmas kindness this year and we need your HELP

CHF 104 639 of CHF 104 000 raised

On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion rocked Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut. Leaving in its wake a trail of destruction and chaos. Everyone in the city has been touched in one way or another. 

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