Our Mission

We envision strengthening Diaspora Philanthropy as a go-to resource for home-country causes, by improving donor trust through increased  transparency and the latest technology. We support the diaspora in their ambitions to contribute to the social and economic well-being of their home countries, by supporting projects that generate positive social impact in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision


We are transparent in all our process from project vetting to fundraising.


We perform due diligence, monitoring, and tracking on all projects on our platform.


We ensure a fair due diligence process and accept applications with no discrimination.

Our Story

Our Story began in October of 2019, when nationwide protests broke out in Lebanon in the context of a crippling economic and political crisis, resulting in soaring unemployment and dramatic increases in poverty rates. Lebanese across the world rallied to help their fellow countrymen, directing money towards local NGO’s and private initiatives that are known mostly through word of mouth or social media.  

However, we realized that donors (ourselves included) quickly faced issues, namely: inefficient access to information, difficulty of choice and lack of trust in either the method of payment or the recipients. On the other end of the spectrum, we saw that local NGO’s on the ground also faced issues such as lack of access to a reliable donor masse, itself inherently fragmented. We concluded that Diaspora funding, despite being needed, is inherently inefficient.  

This is where the idea of Xpatria was born, out of a group of 5 concerned expatriates in Geneva, Switzerland.

Nathalie Kazzi, Nadine Nuwayhid, Rabih Bleik, Besma El-Ketroussi and Sara Hamdan.   

They decided to form an association with the  aim of providing a secure, trusted platform for Diaspora groups and their friends to create a positive impact in their home countries. The basic idea is to provide security, transparency, and reliability to donors, and provide donor access and visibility to receivers.  


Help us keep the story going with your support!


Donors & Receivers

House of Christmas


It was such a heartwarming collaboration. We felt that we are not alone. That the heart and mind of our Expat Family is with us, supporting us. That despite the distance and the circumstances, hand in hand we can achieve so much and bring back the lost hope and lost smiles to many Lebanese. Looking forward for more and more projects and collaborations together. We love u Xpatria.


Being supported by xpatria feels like we’ve joined their family. Communication channels are always open for brainstorming and concerns, and campaigns are are built together. Paradoxically Lebanon Needs relationship to Xpatria is not about funds, it’s about support, and it’s about people who are at the core of why we are all doing what we’re doing.

Nour Najem

Lebanon Needs

Caroline Laporte


What I like about XPATRIA is that you know where your money is going and you get updates through their newsletter about the use of that money. Well done to them for being so transparent!


I loved working with the XPATRIA team on their Donation In-Kind project in Geneva, where a container full of humanitarian relief was send to Lebanon. They were super efficient, focused, flexible but above all action oriented: all hurdles got cleared in a swift manner, they made the impossible possible and ultimately achieved maximum impact, i.e. delivering most needed necessities and health supplies to Lebanese citizens in need. Plus they allowed me to tag along with my own little project which was super kind of them! Well done XPATRIA, looking forward to your upcoming projects!


( Geneva, Switzerland)

What Drives XPATRIA

XPATRIA wants to make giving easier and encourage donors to give regularly. In the world we live in today, diaspora giving can be the difference needed to make a change in a home-country overcome by misfortune and disaster.  

We are committed to advancing a culture of diaspora philanthropy by scaling up the impact of the donations directly on the ground level, where they are needed most. Enabling the diaspora communities and their friends to have a broader and more sustainable social impact in line with the UN SDG’s.


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